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by Claire Dupont

€ 29,435.86

(and € 50 of pledges)

raised out of € 24,000





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SUMMITS OF MY HEART was born from the following lines, and from Kilian Jornet's book, SUMMITS OF MY LIFE. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the importance and the commitment that you will bring to this project.

My daughter Camille had open heart surgery 10 years ago for a triatrial heart with postoperative complications and a partial transplant. For her, for me, it was a long and great fight. A winning battle that gave us a furious desire to enjoy life without restraint for the rest of our lives. We want to share this strength with those who need it most, to give hope and life to those who are in danger.

I have been searching for a long time for an idea that could make a contribution to all the people who are fighting to help in the search for heart disease, to those who suffer, to those who help and those who care (the clowns, the pink ladies, the hospital staff, the surgeons, the psychologists and so on). For the rest of my life, I will never be grateful enough for the help I received from near and far to save my daughter, who will turn 10 in 2019. A little girl full of life, with a heart that is now racing.

I wanted to get involved by doing something that fit me, something that was meaningful and gave meaning to others. I spend most of my free time in the mountains, a healthy and calm environment in which I breathe deeply, and one day when I was about to leave for a summit, I contemplated the Cirque that was facing me. This Cirque of peaks and valleys that I associated with a heartbeat instantly. On that particular day, I was holding the stone that I was going to add to the building.

My goal was to climb the 90 summits of the French Pyrenean massif listed by the CAF and the guide bureau, and to plant a small flag with a heart (the logo of Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque) and our initials (Claire and Camille as Heart). Planting hearts on top of mountains symbolizes for me a dispersion of hope, and seen from above, a beautiful image of the planet (which also needs to be saved more than ever). The flag, a symbol that evokes the victory of a fight against oneself of an ascent, physically and morally. A fight that I do for pleasure and challenge when others fight to simply breathe with insurmountable efforts.

I love the mountain, with all the lessons it gives us. Humility, respect, strength, courage and dignity. I wanted to combine this passion and make my contribution to Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque through this project.

I would like to collect 1 cent per heartbeat (bpm) that it will take me to climb each summit by finding sponsors. Sponsors concerned by my cause, local sponsors from the Pyrenees, as well as mountain, fitness and form sponsors... and all the others who will find in these few lines a good reason to invest their means.

My daughter Camille will accompany me on all the summits below 2000m and within the limits of her physical condition and the technicality of the summits. We will do it together to symbolize hope and to give strength to all the children who fight every minute.

Eventually, I would like to find ambassadors defending the same values and the same cause as me on different mountains of all continents. Spreading all these hearts in the mountains would give a beautiful image of hope to all those who cling to life on a daily basis.

I am looking for patrons, funds, sharing, equipment or any other help you can give me.

With all our heart Camille Claire

What is your goal?
90 summits for 90000 euros

Something to add? An anecdote to share?
Summits of My Heart is not a race, Summits Of My Heart  is a human and solidarity adventure

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Anne marie Lemeunier

€ 10

Bravo Claire , pas étonné par ton engagement ❤️❤️


Dylan Andre

€ 15


veronique ITHURRITZE

€ 50

Faire battre des coeurs, quel beau programme !


Patrice Lafont

€ 50

Bravo pour cette aventure et les vies sauvées que cela amènera !


Collectif des bergers dʼOssau

€ 1,128


dylan Andre

€ 150


Claire Dupont (Fondattion Credit Agricole)

€ 8,000


stephane longue

€ 30

Bravo les filles !!! Bonne continuation . Des muxus


Marie-Raphaelle Cateland Barbet

€ 50


Thierry Besnard


€ 50

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